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Most of us do not have a nutritionist simply on hand. And unfortunately the food industry does a great job selling unhealthy food disguised as earthy and natural food. So the best way to make wise lifestyle choices is to educate yourself with the knowledge necessary to distinguish healthy food from processed, unhealthy food, regardless of what the pretty athlete on the label says. Throughout our website, we will teach you the basics of nutrition, human digestive physiology, and food processing. By the end you will be the best judge of what should be on your plate. And rest assured that we have made everything very simple and basic, so even if you have no scientific background, you will be able to get as much out of this as if you were a scientific wizard.   


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What to Eat

How Much to Eat

Implement Changes

In this section, we explore the major food categories that constitute our diet. We will teach you the science behind nutrition and the digestive system. By the conclusion, you will master what makes a good quality food that belongs on your plate and how to differentiate the good from the bad on your own.

Once you master the quality of food, we need to address the 
quantity of food. Even too much good food can cause health issues. In this section, we will discuss how you can determine portion size based on your caloric needs and lifestyle instead of plate size. 

Implementing healthy habits in your busy life can be challenging. In this section we explore ways of cooking healthy without breaking the bank or spending too much time in the kitchen. Here you'll find some practical and useful recipes.

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