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Popular exercise classes

Exercising at home or the gym is the most common venues. However, if you like to explore some other programs or classes, be sure to check out our list of common group exercises that are currently popular. You can join one class only or as many as you want. You can use these classes as needed for motivation or use them as a regular part of your regiment. Remember, you don't need to pay for classes to exercise, but if you enjoy them and it motivates you, then they can be a great addition.

Please be advised, we only explain what each class is, we do not recommend any one class or type of exercise over the other, that is a personal choice. 


High intensity intervals that combine cardiovascular with whole body strength and core exercises. Supervised by trained coaches, these are great for those who want a structured, short but effective regiment. Crossfit classes also tend to have a social aspect to them and are great for making friends and friendly competition.  The classes are structured loosely, so each individual can proceed at their own pace and level. 

However, we do not recommend them for more than sessions times a week for beginners as they take a toll on your body. Combine with cardiovascular exercises for other days. 

Orange Theory

High intensity intervals combining cardio, strength and core. They are not as supervised and mostly depend on the participant to perform exercises on their own. They are also one size fit all, the class is same for all participants, so may not be a good fit for the beginner.  

These are very high intensity, so should not be done more than 2-3 times a week. Best to use as a supplement to your easy cardiovascular exercises. 

Ashtanga Yoga


Yoga comes in many forms and types. But generally it is aimed at strengthening your core and improving your stability and range of motion. It is very low impact, so you can do them as often as you want. Yoga can also be as long or as short as 10 minutes a day.  

Most yoga programs do not provide enough cardiovascular training. So be sure to do your cardiovascular and some strength training at least three times a week in addition to yoga. 


A newer addition to the class groups, Cyclobar is a indoor cycling class. It is a great cardiovascular exercise. They are done in groups with friendly competition and fun music. 

Cyclobar does not provide upper body strength and whole body core training, so be sure to add 2-3 sessions per week on your own.  


Pilates is a type of core and strength training that uses body weight and simple tools. It is done in groups similar to yoga with in class instruction. Best done 1-3 times a week. 

Pilates is not a great cardiovascular exercise, so be sure to add 3-4 days to your regiment. 


The newest addition to the "group" exercises, Peleton is actually done at home. You purchase the indoor bike or treadmill and join live online classes that is lead by an experienced instructor. It has both cardiovascular training on the equipment and off equipment core and strength training exercises. The instructors are known to be very motivating and engaging. In some ways it is similar to Crossfit and Orange Theory, except you do it at home. 

Peleton is an investment since not only you have to pay for the online class membership, but you also have to purchase the treadmill and/or indoor bike. 

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