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Macronutrients are the major source of our daily calories. In addition, macronutrients provide us with the essential elements we need for proper body function. So, unlike some diets where the emphasis is on low carbohydrates, low fat, or high protein, we recommend that you eat all three macronutrients in appropriate portions. The major macronutrients in our diet are:

Carbohydrates: major fuel source and should constitute about 50% of each meal. Healthy carbohydrates are found in fruits, some vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

Fats: converted to simple carbohydrates in our body to be used as fuel. Their caloric content is higher than carbohydrates, therefore we store fats and can use them to fuel any prolonged activity. Did you know your heart uses mostly fat as its fuel source? Fats also play a major role in various body and brain functions such as cell signaling, cell integrity, and making vital hormones. 

Proteins: the least caloric dense macronutrients and are only used as a source of fuel when we deplete our carbohydrate and fat stores. In most cases this only occurs during prolonged starvation. But proteins play a major role in the building blocks of our muscles and therefore are essential for our well being. Proteins also play a major role in various bodily functions such as the immune system, brain function, cell signaling, and cell structure. 

Legumes & dairy: these are healthy food choices that contain all three major macronutrients we have talked about, therefore, we will discuss them separately. 


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