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Gym Exercise Guide:

Many of you may have a membership to a gym. Here we will give you some tips on how to best take advantage of your investment. If used correctly gyms can open a lot of doors for you, but unfortunately many people spend a lot of their time wandering around or doing exercises that may not be efficient. So, here are some tips:

  1. Always go to the gym with an exercise plan. Know exactly what exercises you are going to do and don't get distracted. 

  2. Optimize your time: stop waisting your time by waiting around between each rep. Create a plan that involves circuits, so while one muscle group is resting, another one is working. This way your heart rate will also remain elevated. Here is an example:  Instead of doing one set of  bench press and then waiting for a minute to do the next set​, hold a plank for a minute or do some air squats. between each set. This is also a great time to do some yoga poses for stretching.  

  3. Always have an alternative plan for popular equipment that may be in use. Waiting around for someone else to finish with an exercise is boring, and truthfully at times, annoying. So if you have planned for squats using the barbell, have an alternative plan of using dumbbells or kettlebells as weights instead.

  4. Try to minimize machines and maximize free weight exercises. Machines move in a preset motion, forcing your joints to move with them. But most of us have joints that may move slightly in different angles. Machines may force you to move in a way that is not optimal, and at times harmful. On the other hand, free weights will allow your joint to move freely.  Dumbbells, squat racks, kettle balls, pull up bars and TRX bands are great sources of weight training. 

  5. Try to do your exercising next to a mirror. Occasionally check yourself out and make sure your form is correct.

  6. If you see an instructor staring at you, it's most likely not because of your looks or big muscles; it could be that you are doing something very wrong and the person is contemplating telling you. Say hi and ask.. Babak learned that he was doing his push ups very incorrectly, putting a lot of pressure on his back, until he finally asked the instructor who was staring at him. You are paying the membership fee: take advantage. 

  7. Have a water bottle and continue to hydrate while exercising. 

  8. On your way out, stay away from the nutrition bar or restaurant; you don't need any of it. Just eat your healthy snack you have already prepared and brought with you.  

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