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Yoga by the Ocean

Let our team  help you and your family  achieve a healthier lifestyle by diving deep into your habits and personal life. We will help you make small, incremental but sustainable  changes to make a healthier and more energetic you. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to pursue a healthier life. 

Babak Moini, MD

Our personal consulting service is for those who are ready to tackle their unhealthy habits for once and all. We base our approach on a few fundamentals of healthy living, but we modify the specifics of each step based on your personal needs, preferences and lifestyle. We focus on small, incremental changes. We want you to be at the driver seat, we are just the map that guides you to the destination. This is our most comprehensive and individualized  service. It requires motivation and willingness to change from you and your family, but results can be life changing.  



Initial interview(s):

  • Getting to know you and your family.

  • Understanding your lifestyle, habits.

  • Clarifying your goals.

  • Creating a road map and setting realistic expectations.

Identifying and modifying unhealthy habits

  • What are some unhealthy habits in your daily life we can fix right away.

  • How to change unhealthy habits to healthier habits.

  • How to maintain those healthy habits.

Focusing on nutrition

  • Assessing your diet.

  • Identifying your current understanding of what is a healthy diet.

  • Educating you on the science of what is actually healthy food so you can forever make better and healthier choices on your own. Never follow a diet program again. 

  • Helping you implement what you have learned into practical  advice: becoming an efficient cook for a busy lifestyle. 

  • Assessing your portion size: teaching you how much to eat based on your personal lifestyle. 

Focusing on exercise and daily activity

  • Help you understand the science of exercise.

  • Help you understand how to incorporate various types of exercise for optimal health benefit. 

  • Help you understand importance of staying active throughout the day and how to achieve it at work and home. 

  • Nutrition and Exercise: what do you need to eat based on your activity level. 

  • Helping you making active lifestyle an enjoyable part of your life and not another chore. 

Focusing on personal well being, productivity, mindfulness and sleep

  • As new research shows the importance of mindfulness on over all health, we can help you understand what is mindfulness and how to incorporate it in your daily life.

  • Learn different ways you can incorporate mind fullness in your day.

Making sure your preventive health is up to date

  • Helping you understand what are the evidence based guideline screening and preventive tests  you need.

  • Helping you decipher the medical news: what is evidence based and what is media hype and how is it related to your health. 


  • The consulting service is run directly by Dr. Moini who engages with you on a regular basis via live sessions. 

  • In addition you have access to Dr. Moini via text or email during your membership cycle.

  • You also get free access to the website and our educational modules. 

    • Initial consulting meeting: ​

      • a meet and greet to discuss goals and expectations and see if the right fit.  ​

    • Monthly membership:

      • weekly live sessions with Dr. Moini​

      • regular text and emails with Dr. Moini

      • No long term commitment

      • Service lasts as long as help is needed. 

This service is run solely by Dr. Moini and due to time constraints space is very limited and on a rolling basis as current clients finish with their course. If you are interested to find out more about pricing and  availability please contact us at

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