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Dr. Babak Moini, MD

My name is Babak (bob-back) Moini. I am a primary care physician and board certified  Internal Medicine doctor.  I spent a decade practicing medicine at a large academic institution and recently joined my wife at Emerald Direct Primary Care; an internal medicine clinic in the Beachwood, a suburb of Cleveland.  In addition to providing traditional primary care services and managing chronic diseases, at Emerald I can spend significantly more time with each patient, allowing me to really get to know my patients and guide them in making better, healthier lifestyle choices. 


HealthierlifeMD is an educational website that I use to supplement our time in clinic. I know there are many other people out there who have tried many diet plans and spend tremendous amount of time and money in hopes of losing weight and becoming healthy.  Most do not succeed. Diet plans are there to make money, they do not actually teach what is a healthy lifestyle and how to do it on your own. At Emerald and HealthierlifeMD our goal is to teach you all aspects of healthy living, so you can make long lasting changes on your own. 


I have always been athletic, playing soccer and tennis in my younger days and now a recreational triathlete and runner. But coming from a middle eastern background healthy food was never on my radar. So, despite being athletic I never looked like an athlete. High index carbohydrates, greasy meat and processed food were every day food staples. But during medical school and later on during my medical practice, I witnessed the havocs that unhealthy food can bring to the human body. And having a strong family history of diabetes and heart disease myself, I started to eat better and healthier. Over time I became very interested in eating food in its natural and unprocessed form. During this time I also started to enjoy cooking. I am now, as my six  year old calls me, the chef. Now let's be clear, I am a chef as far as my son is concerned and not an iota more. But I have learned through experience and reading many books and blogs that eating healthy is not as complicated and expensive as some people think. In fact, it is quite easy once you learn some basic skills. I am now a staunch believer in eating mindfully: eating healthy most of the time and enjoying those occasional ice cream days, pizza nights or burger and beer nights guilt free. I have shed 30 pounds since our wedding 10 years ago and feel healthier, fitter and faster on race day at the age of 45 than I ever did before.

Emerald Direct Primary Care is located in Beachwood, OH. We are a membership based practice, seeing less patients compared to a traditional practice while  spending significantly  more time with each patient and having more direct access between patient and doctor. You can visit us at:

3690 Orange Place
STE 300
Beachwood, OH 44122
Phone: 216-260-3550

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