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Dr. Babak Moini, MD

My name is Babak (bob-back) Moini. I am a primary care physician and board certified  Internal Medicine. doctor.  Originally from California I I did my undergraduate training at University of California Davis. I then spent four years working in Boston before I attended graduate school at Georgetown University and medical school at Medical College of Virginia in Richmond.  I completed my residency training in Internal Medicine at Case University Hospitals in Cleveland where I met my wife Megan, also a practicing primary care physician. I have been a primary care doctor for the past 9 years. I continue to teach medical students and residents in my clinic where I am always encouraged and challenged by the younger generation  to review the most recent medical guidelines and research. I practice evidence-based western medicine but I also encourage my patients to implement healthy lifestyle choices as an integral part of their health and to reduce the burden of their chronic illnesses. 


I have always been athletic, playing soccer and tennis in my younger days and now a recreational triathlete and runner. But coming from a middle eastern background healthy food was never on my radar. So, despite being athletic I never looked like an athlete. High index carbohydrates, greasy meat and processed food were every day food staples. But during medical school and later on during my medical practice, I witnessed the havocs that unhealthy food can bring to the human body. And having a strong family history of diabetes and heart disease myself, I started to eat better and healthier. Over time I became very interested in eating food in its natural and unprocessed form. During this time I also started to enjoy cooking. I am now, as my four  year old calls me, the chef. Now let's be clear, I am a chef as far as my son is concerned and not an iota more. But I have learned through experience and reading many books and blogs that eating healthy is not as complicated and expensive as some people think. In fact, it is quite easy once you learn some basic skills. I am now a staunch believer in eating mindfully: eating healthy most of the time and enjoying those occasional ice cream days, pizza nights or burger and beer nights guilt free. I have shed 30 pounds since our wedding 8 years ago and feel healthier, fitter and faster on race day at the age of 42 than I ever did before.

I live in a quiet suburb of Cleveland called Shaker Heights with my wife, two sons Louis and Emmett and three canines Ralph, Milo and Polly the pug. In addition to practicing medicine and being a family man, I train for long distance races such as Ironman 70.3 and half marathons by waking up before the roosters and getting a good sweat in before the household wakes up at 6:30 am. 

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